Job Seekers menu item

On the left hand menu of the online application, there is an item called Job Seekers.

Clicking on this section will allow you to view your New, Hired and Manually Added job seekers.

By default, the first option you view will be a list of your newest Job Seekers (those who have most recently applied to jobs that you own).


At the top of the screen, you will be able to filter for views of All recent Job Seekers, as well as searching for them. Clicking on a name will open that job seeker's profile.

Alongside the filters is a drop-down that will allow you to also select a list of Job Seekers that you have Hired, or Manually Added.

The Search function allows you to search across all Job Seekers in your organisation.

Columns displayed are:

First Name
Last Name
Job Name (most recent job applied for)
Department (Department of that job)
Location (Location of that job)
Owner (Owner of that job)
Date Applied (Date the Job Seeker submitted the application)
App. Count (number of completed applications the Job Seeker has in your organisation)

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