Columns in the Job Seeker list

Here is a summary of what the columns in the job seeker list mean:

  • First name - job seeker first name
  • Last name - job seeker last name / family name
  • Score - the total job seeker weighted score obtained across their Question Ranking, WPP (Work Preference Profiler) and Star Performer Benchmark
  • Date Applied - the date the job seeker applied for the job
  • Status - the current status of the job seeker in this or other searches in your company
  • Knockouts - an indicator of which job seekers have failed your knockout criteria
  • Comments - notes added by you and your recruiting team for this job seeker
  • App Count - how many applications this job seeker has in your company

TIP: Hovering your mouse over the status icon will reveal the meaning of that icon.

Clicking on the name of the job seeker will bring up their application.

For an explanation of the Status and Knockout icons, see this article.

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