Manually Enter Job Seeker

To add a Job Seeker to your organisation personally is called "Manually Entering" a Job Seeker. If you are an administrator, you have the permission to perform this task.

Log into the online application at

Click on the Job Seekers menu item on the left.

The My New Job Seekers page will open. There is a blue button at the top called Add Job Seeker. Click on this item and a new page will open.


The Add Job Seeker feature allows you to check if any job seeker by that name already exists, before adding a new profile and attachments for them. You must check for the job seeker first.

If the job seeker already exists, their profile will appear in search results. That means you can click to view their profile, send them an email, print their profile or comment on their profile. You can also apply them to other jobs using the Recruiter Apply function.

If the job seeker does not exist, a message will appear inviting you to enter the job seeker into your organisation. Clicking No will cancel the entry. Clicking Yes will allow you to enter the job seeker.


A new tab or window will open with the Personal Details page of your organisation. Enter as much of the Personal Details of the job seeker that you know. By default, the First and Last Name fields are Mandatory. The rest can be skipped if necessary by using the top menu.

Use the top menu to navigate through the site. You can upload the user's resume or CV on either the CV page (under My Details) or on the application form for the job.

To apply your job seeker to a job, click on the Jobs menu item and choose Vacancies (the first item on the list). It may be called something different depending on your organisation. This should display a list of all jobs that are currently open.

Click on the Apply Now link next to the job you wish to apply the job seeker to. You do not have to fill out any questions in order to apply them, simply click the Save and Submit button to submit their application. Click Next when you have applied them and it will return you to the home screen.

Close the Tab or Window when you are done. You will be returned to the online application, with a small window saying "You are currently editing a job seeker in a another window. Click done when finished".

Click the green Done button and you will be returned to the My Job Seekers page, filtered to My Manually Entered Job Seekers.

To Apply your job seeker to a job that is closed, see Recruiter Apply .

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