What are Tasks?

Tasks are actions that need to be taken in relation to a Job Seeker who has applied to one of your jobs or Talent Pools.

Tasks are typically created by the Recruiting Team, and can be self-assigned (Recruiter To-Do List), or assigned to others in HR / Recruiting, Managers, the Job Seeker themselves, and even third-parties.

Examples of Tasks for HR / Recruiting / Managers:

  • Phone-screen job seeker
  • Arrange interview with job seeker
  • Arrange background check of job seeker
  • Carry out reference check of job seeker
  • Prepare letter of offer
  • Prepare contract
  • Send on-boarding documentation to job seeker

Examples of Tasks for Job Seekers

  • Complete Additional Information Request
  • Complete on-boarding questionnaire

Examples of Tasks for Third Parties

  • Complete Reference Check Form
  • Complete Security Check


This series of Support Articles covers Tasks for HR / Recruiting / Managers. To access your Task List, click on Tasks in the main menu.


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