How do I share my job with my manager/s?

In the online application ( you are able to share your job with your line manager/s directly, without you having to send a separate email to them.

When you are creating your job, you will see on the first page two fields: 

  • Hiring Manager
  • Additional Users


For the primary hiring manager, select them from the dropdown list under Hiring Manager. This will populate all reports with their name so that all reports will have the correct manager attached.

Then, to send the job to any line managers who need permission to view the job and its applicants, click on the Additional Users field.

You will be able to select users from a dropdown, and they will appear as separate users in the field.


Every user added to the Additional Users field will receive an email about accessing the job and its applicants online.

NOTEyou must add in the name of the Hiring Manager from the Hiring Manager field (again) in order for them to receive the email. If you do not, they will not receive the job in their inbox.

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