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PDF Uploads to your Job Adverts
1. To upload a PDF via the web app, go to Step 2 of the job wizard (Job Description).
2. Click on the section of the advert where you want to load your PDF (or click Add Text to add a new section)
3. Click on the 'File' icon to upload the file:


4. Browse for your your PDF and upload it
5. Click the HTML button, and you will see the link for where the file has been uploaded to



6. Copy (CTRL-C) the link. i.e. this bit:
7. Now, we will use this link in the bottom of our advert. Click on the link icon:


8. Insert your file link (pasting the URL into both fields)
9. This will display like so:
10. Click Next to go to the end of the wizard, then Finish.
11. Go back to your Job Board Marketing page and click Update, to send this through to Seek.
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