Create a new Requisition Request

To create a new Requisition Request:

  • Click on Requisitions in the main menu
  • Click on the 'New Requisition Request' button

  • The 'Add Requisition Request' page will load:

  • Fill out all the questions in the form as required and click the Submit changes button. Note that fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • Remuneration field may not contain any currency symbols (e.g. enter: 45000 and not $45000)
  • You must Save your requisition before you can upload your attachments (job description and/or additional information)
  • To upload a document, you can drag files to the upload area, or simply click in the upload box:


  • If you need to replace the file you've uploaded, simply click on it again:

  • If you see a red cross when you upload your file, this means that the file type is not supported, or the file is too large:


  • Once you have filled out the form as completely as you wish, press Submit changes. You should see this confirmation message:




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