StaffCV Passport Feature

StaffCV Passport
Our careers website is powered by StaffCV ( StaffCV incorporates a "Passport" feature which allows users to log in to any other StaffCV-powered careers website and have specific "Passport" fields automatically populated for them.

These fields include but are not limited to: First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Uploaded CVs.

The passport system means that it's easy for job seekers such as yourself to apply for companies using one login and password, as long as they're on a StaffCV-powered website. You can share your contact details with any company using StaffCV.

All users of StaffCV own their own data, and can delete their details from any one StaffCV-powered website using the Tools | My Account menu option, or all their details from all StaffCV sites using the Tools | My Account | Delete my bfound Recruiting account option.

StaffCV recommends you do not include covering letters with your CV or Resume.


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