I can't get an authentication token

You may not be receiving your authentication token from the recruitment site for a number of reasons. Please consider the following causes of the issue:

  • They are blocked by your spam filter. Please check your Junk Mail folder, and your junk mail settings. If you suspect they are being blocked by your email address, send a blank email to so that the address is in your address book. Then try to request another token.
  • You are using your work email.  On a corporate network, they may be blocked by your IT department. You may wish to consider sending your emails to a non-work email address.
  • Your email account is full. Thousands of emails are returned to us each month because people have not cleared their email boxes.
  • They are being blocked by your ISP. StaffCV monitors this situation, and regularly contact ISPs to ensure that our emails are not blocked.
  • Your email address is incorrect. Please check your details when you are next on the website.

Please do not request multiple authentication tokens unless you have not received the first one. With consideration to the above, if you have not received one, we recommend that you attempt to request another authentication token and access the most recently sent email immediately.

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