Viewing a Talent Pool

Talent Pools are 'Open Pools or Talent Pipelines' that are listed on your website (i.e. their status is 'Expressing Interest')

To view a Talent Pool and its job seekers:

  • Click on Talent Pools in the main menu. All the Talent Pools you have access rights to will load:


  • You can click the little ascending/descending icon on a column header to sort by that column.

  • You can click on the Job Statuses dropdown to view Talent Pools in each of the statuses listed below:

  • To search for a Talent Pool, type its JobID or Job Name (or part of), in the Search box, and click Go.
  • To view more results on your page, click on the 'records per page' dropdown:

  • To jump to another page in your results, click on a page number, or use the 'First / Next / Last' buttons:

  • To open a Talent Pool and view its job seekers, click anywhere in the row for that Talent Pool


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