Emails from the Recruitment team

If you have any questions about recruiting practices or questions for the recruitment team, the StaffCV support desk may not be the place for you.

If you have received any email from a recruiter,  you will be able to click REPLY and the email will route back to the Recruiter that sent it to you.

We cannot answer any recruitment status questions.  You should have received an email describing where you are at in the recruitment process. 

If you did not receive an email, check these three places:

  1. Your junk or spam folder in your email.
  2. Log into the website and check Messages under "My Communications". A copy of all emails sent to you is held there.
  3. Log into the website and check Jobs/My Applications. Any completed applications are shown there.

If you have any other questions regarding salary, job description or duties at the role you are applying for, please contact the recruitment team at that location.

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